Rodan and Fields Scam


So it’s obvious that you searched for Rodan and Fields Scam reviews because your tired of the bullshit. In other words, you have heard of these two dermatologist and want to make sure that they are not out to just take your money, while kicking back relaxing on the beach somewhere.


Well this article will put you at ease because not only will I discuss the rumors of the Rodan and Fields Scam floating around, but I will also show you how you can make REAL money working from home whether you join their opportunity or not.

Fair enough? Ok let’s get started!

Rodan and Fields Scam : The Boring Facts

Rodan and Fields ScamRodan & Fields Dermatologists was founded in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields in order to help people treat their everyday skin concerns. Some after Rodan & Fields quickly become  leading brand in the top tier dermatologist department stores. They had a vision of broadening their reach and bringing dermatologist-based skin treatments to everyone.  Rodan and Fields became to first prestige skincare line to enter the direct selling arena in 2008 after making a exit from the department store.

The reason this company has made such a great impact over the past 10 years is because it offers consultants products that truly work. The fact that they have successfully merged effective over the counter medicines with soothing botanical’s puts them in the forefront clinical skincare.

This is a respected company, with reputable Stanford University training founders who have blazed  trail in the skin care industry, while accumulating over 1,000 independent reps across the United States. That alone, in your mind should put an end to the Rodan and Fields Scam claims.

Rodan and Fields Scam : The Rumors

Now that we have discussed why you should trust this company and it’s founders, let me explain why the rumors surfaced in the first place. When you become an independent rep with any MLM based company, it’s not the easy thing in the world. In fact statistics show that 97% of people fail at Network Marketing within their first 6 months or less. When you have so many people who are not succeeding at something, you will come across a lot of claims and allegations such as their being a Rodan and Fields Scam. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all MLM companies are 100% legit but in that is the case with this one. The sad part is that most fail simply because they run out of people to talk to. Leads are the most vital part of a successful business… Period.  If you don’t have leads then you don’t have a business. I don’t want you to be the next person spreading this Rodan and Fields Scam non-sense so I will show you how you can succeed.


Rodan and Fields Scam:

A Real Opportunity!

In the begining of this article I told you that I was going to show you how you could make real money working from home. The key to you having success with not only your Rodan and Fields business, but any opportunity is Lead Generation. Leads are the life blood of every successful business. Making a list of friends and family, doing parties, cold calls and hotel meetings are will have you working 50x harder then you need too. Those methods maybe be effective if you stay with them, but wouldn’t you like to learn how to position yourself in front of prospects who were already looking to join your opportunity instead of you convincing someone to take a look at it? I want to share with you a system that has allowed me to take my primary business to the next level and have leads calling me every single day asking how could they work with me… This system will do the same for you. So if you want to learn how to generate 15-25 leads daily starting today, then click below to watch this FREE presentation.

Rodan and Fields Scam

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Rodan and Fields Scam

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Rodan and Fields Scam



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