Hearing Claims Of A North American Power Scam?

North American Power Scam

If you have landed on this page than It is more than likely that you have joined or are considering joining North American Power, but have heard rumors of a North American Power Scam going on.

Rest assure that you have come to the right place.

Right now in this article I am going to clarify for you what North American Power is all about and why people have been making claims of their being a scam.

What’s Exactly Is North American Power?

With the deregulation in different states, the energy marker opened up for competition from Companies like North American Power to buy energy in the wholesale markets, while in return help people save money. The electricity flows into the Local Power Pool and is delivered to your home or business your same  local utility via your already existing power lines just as it always has. The only difference will be a new electric rate on the supply portion of your bill.

The way people pay is still the same.  Your current utility will still send you your monthly bill & you will continue to make the same payment to them. The only change is that North American Power will be listed on your bill as your electrical supplier and the supply rate will be North American Power’s rate. If  for some reason you decided to change your current payment method you can do so through the utility.

What is great about North American Power is that they give people the opportunity to do 2 things. The allow people to save money on bills that they are already obligated to pay, and also give you the chance to make money from others paying those same bills. All this talk about a North American Power Scam going on is completely false.


The North American Power Scam claims were started by people who failed miserably !!

Stop listening to claims about their being a North American Power Scam. I will tell you where those rumors and claims have come from. When people can’t achieve a level of success themselves, they try to discourage others from attempting too. There is no North American Power Scam, there is only success & failure.

There is a thin line between the two and the only thing that differentiates them is lead generation.


No More North American Power Scam Talk : Here’s The Secret To Success!

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North American Power Scam

To Your Success,

Rodney Stokes


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